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New photo and video App extensible with plugins to use third party tools


Display graphic files

Display many RGB and RAW images formats.


Plugins add third-party tools. It is possible to add the function of each tool that works on the command line.

Integrated ExifTool

Display Exif Information, organize images and rename files by exif informations.

Supported graphic formats

bmp; dds; gif; hdp; ico; iff; jp2; jng; jpg; jif; jpeg; jpe; jxr; lbm; mng; pbm; pcx; pgm; png; ppm; psd; ras; sgi; tif; tiff; tga; targa; wbmp; wdp; webp; xbm

Supported RAW formats

dng; cr2; cr3; .nef; arw; srf; sr2; crw; pef; srw; raf; erf; kdc; mrw; orf; rw2

Supported Video formats

mp4; avi; mkv

Supported Audio formats



Version: 1.2.2204.667